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Offer – Veltheim lymphatic drainage

«Veltheim lymphatic drainage» (VMLD)

With the Veltheim lymphatic drainage, intercellular fluid is transported through the tissue and into the lymphatic system in a gentle and highly effective manner.

The method promotes lymph flow and thus strengthens the body's immune system.

Sluggish lymph movement can lead to an unhealthy cell environment and be the cause of various symptoms. Similar to a pond in which the water becomes stagnant and home to mosquitoes, stagnant intercellular fluid fills with toxins and other metabolic wastes. If these are not drained via a well-functioning lymphatic system, the cells decay and become “sick” and die.

The Veltheim lymphatic drainage has positive effects on the following areas:

  • Reduction of acute swelling

  • Reduction of acute joint pain

  • Elimination of harmful substances (toxins)

  • Menstual cramps

  • Weigth loss

  • Drainage in the sinuses

  • Change in bowel movements

  • Increased energy

The lymph is one of the most important human systems. It not only serves to remove metabolic products, cell debris and toxins, but also to defend against germs. That's why it is also an important part of our immune defense. 

Duration: 40 - 50 minutes

Price: CHF 100

I'm coming to your office

Stressful situations and high levels of workload are part of everyday life. Anxiety, conflict or excessive demands have a strong and direct influence on the immune system.

Is the well-being of your employees important to you? Then I will come to your office and treat your team on site.

Your employees have the opportunity to support their personal health, get to know their bodies better, deal with times of stress or manage conflicts in teams.

Interested? Then I let us talk. I look forward to exchange ideas with you!  

Everyone is talking about work life balance.

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