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Offer – BodyTalk Balances


Would you like to experience what BodyTalk feels like? Then book an «get-to-know-Balance» session. I'll explain you everything about the method and you'll enjoy your first balance. 

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

Price: CHF 65

«Individually – just for you»

Your bodymind shows what it needs. Find out for yourself how your body's self-healing power can be activated. Enjoy this gentle, safe and energetic therapy. 

Duration: 40 - 60 minutes

Price: CHF 100
(children/students CHF 80) 

«from far»

You can not come to my practice? BodyTalk is an energetic form of treatment. 

Physical contact is not absolutely necessary. After the treatment I will tell you how we supported your body. 

Duration: 40 - 60 minutes

Price: CHF 100
(children/student CHF 80) 

I'm coming to your office

Stressful situations and high levels of workload are part of everyday life. Anxiety, conflict or excessive demands have a strong and direct influence on the immune system.

Is the well-being of your employees important to you? Then I will come to your office and treat your team on site.

Your employees have the opportunity to support their personal health, get to know their bodies better, deal with times of stress or manage conflicts in teams.

Interested? Then I let us talk. I look forward to exchange ideas with you!  

Everyone is talking about work life balance.

Why not also in your company

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